Hello! I'm Luca!

I'm a senior UX and content manager, creative based in Vienna. I'm a professional content creator, and I've been passionate about crafting content and experiences that communicate the right information at the right time. My background in special education fuels my commitment to creating inclusive user journeys for diverse audiences on every platform.

When I'm not working, I'm making art, constantly learning new skills, and hiking with my whippet.

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my story

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After graduation, my fascination with fine art brought me to the faculty of liberal arts, where I was able to gain insight into philosophy, art history, aesthetics, media and communication.


During my BA program, I researched alternative methods in education and art therapy. I dove into psychology, sociology, and criminal pedagogy.


I began learning web programming, covering HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

Working in design, especially in the scale-up world, asked for a basic understanding of how developers communicate and how websites have been built.

I learned how to ask the right questions.


As the lead designer in an Austrian startup, StartUs Insights, I crafted diverse online visuals—social media ads, newsletters, landing pages, and blog content. I handled business cards and B2B deliverables for printed media.

I designed our website's UX/UI, crafted presentations, and visualized data with D3.js. I also contributed to defining our visual identity through a design brand book and mentored the next generation of designers.

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2019-present day

Following my intrest for the crypto industry I joined Bitpanda.

The mission was simple, bring financial freedom to everyone.

In my current role at Bitpanda, I specialize in crafting user experiences that seamlessly guide individuals through their journey, ensuring they receive the right information precisely when they need it.

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  • A superhuman thirst for knowledge

  • Deep love towards organization

  • Teamwork & positive communication

tools & languages

  • English, German, Hungarian

  • Figma, Adobe XD, Miro

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesing

  • Blender, HTML, CSS
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  • Everything about 3D art

  • AI 🤖

  • Crypto & NFTs

  • Progressive Music & Drumming 🥁
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